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Tai Chi / Chi Kung

Photos by Bill and Sherri Clearlake

If you're in the West Palm Beach, Florida area and you're looking for an excellent Tai-Chi/Chi Kung instructor,
Bill Ram-z is a certified Jiu Jitsu practitioner and registered Tai Chi Chuan/Chi Kung instructor with 70 years of martial arts experience. Ram-z has been currently inducted into the USA Martial Art Hall of Fame as a 5th Degree Black Belt in Kodakan Jiu Jitsu.

Ram-z began learning martial arts when he was twelve years old. In 1939 he attended camp James Weldon Johnson where he met martial arts Master, Theo Fluellen -- the man who would be his martial arts instructor, mentor, and spiritual advisor until his death in 1982. Bill Ram-z was a lead instructor at Master Fluellen's dojo. Ram-z also taught Jiu Jitsu at for theWomen's Police Auxilliary in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He currently teaches under contract with Palm Beach Country where he teaches Tai Chi and Chi Kung at the West Palm Beach Community Center.

Private training takes place in a peaceful garden setting with bonzai trees, miniaturized forests and a Koi fish pond. This is the perfect setting to learn a new skill. You may not have previously done an activity like this, people often do other things like playing online bingo (http://www.foxybingo.com/) or going horse riding. If you are new to it there is no better place to learn and no-one better to teach you than Bill Ram-z. He teaches Yang Short and Long Forms, Tai Chi Sword, Martial Arts Application of Tai Chi Chuan, and Meditation.

Chi Kung and Meditation

Ram-z meditating in his Garden Training Center

Tai Chi Chuan - Combat Applications

Throat strike

Demonstrating a punch powered by chi

Kick to chin

Crouched to block and strike - No hidden dragon here!

Push Hands

Demonstrating hand position for push-hands

Doing push-hands. Fast strikes and blocks. He got me with a well-controlled jab to the throat.

Tai Chi Sword

Ward-off and thrust with tai-chi sword

Contact Bill Ram-z at his Garden Training Center: 561-841-9331

The Eight Treasures

I've been doing a set of exercises called, The Eight Treasures based on movements passed down from a line of Taoist physicians from the Ni family. These are gentle stretching exercises that work almost every muscle in the body and even help tone the internal organs. The total workout takes only about 20 minutes, but strengthens the joints and muscles, improves circulation and helps prevent many diseases including cardiac and respiratory ailments.

The video, The Eight Treasures is only available from the instructor, Glenn Hairston of Specialist Defensive Training in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Click image for Eight Treasures video sample. (3MB)

Mr. Hairston's credentials include: Certified Executive Protection Specialist, Certified Security Specialist, former Federal Police Officer and International Police Instructor. He has studied various martial arts forms for over 20 years and has other videos available.

To order The Eight Treasures or to get more information about Glenn Hairston's other videos or training call Specialist Defensive Training at: 412-390-0588

Let him know you saw him on MindStation X!

Well, that was then. This is now!

Internal Damage Advanced Tai Chi Chuan for Combat by Glen Hairston

Here's a review of Internal Damage from "Atlas 1212's Reviews":